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Calle Vainilla,Atenas, Alajuela  20501  Costa Rica

Costa Rica is world famous for having an incredibly high level of biodiversity throughout its tropical forests (rain forests, cloud forests, and dry forests). There are tropical mammals such as monkeys, sloths, tapirs, and wild cats as well as an amazing assortment of insects and other animals. Due to the great diversity of climates, temperatures and forest types in Costa Rica, there is a wonderful variety of birds (both migratory and resident), with over 800 species. Some of the best bird watching in the world takes place in Costa Rica. With 25% of the country being national parks and protected areas, there are still many places you can go to see the abundant wildlife and lush vegetation of the country.

There is such biodiversity in Costa Rica not only because it is a land bridge between North and South America, but also because the terrain is so varied and there are weather patterns moving in from both the Pacific and Atlantic/Caribbean. There are impressive volcanoes, mountain areas, rivers, lakes, and beaches all throughout the country. There are many beautiful beaches - most of the popular ones are on the Pacific side but the Caribbean has many excellent beaches as well. 

Costa Rica has more rivers per square kilometer than any other country in the world. Anywhere you go you will find some kind of float trip to enjoy nature from a very unique point of view. There are a wide variety of exciting river rafting trips offered in Costa Rica at all levels of difficulty and excitement.

Costa Rica has some of the best Sport Fishing in the world and is the first country to practice catch and release fishing. The Pacific side has incredible fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Snapper, and more. The Caribbean side and Northern regions of Costa Rica are famous for big Tarpon and big Snook. Over sixty-four world records have been caught in Costa Rica. Half day, Full day and Multi-Day Trips are available. 

Costa Rica has many surfing hotspots. The best time of year to surf is from November - August.

Costa Rica has great mountain biking routes. Costa Rica is also know as a haven for some of the most lush, tropical golfing environments in the world. At any course, you can expect to see an ensemble of exotic, indigenous animals; jungle; mountainous terrain; and a surreal, blue ocean painting a brilliant, seclusive experience. And the wind surfing in the Tilarán area is some of the best in the world. 
Enjoy the view from the "Rancho" at Indian Ridge Lodge in Atenas, Costa Rica.
The Indian Ridge Lodge is located on several acres about 15 minutes outside of Atenas, the town National Geographic designated as having the best climate in the world. And it is less than half an hour from the San Jose airport.
Several guest rooms with private bathrooms, wrap around porches, a large swimming pool, game room with pool table,  a basketball court, plus a huge Rancho with a wonderful view of the Central Valley, are just some of the features available at Indian Ridge Lodge.

Great extended stay options now available. $1,800.00 per month!
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